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James marsden

James Marsden Biografie von James Marsden

James Paul Marsden ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Model. James Paul Marsden (* September in Stillwater, Oklahoma) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Schauspieler und Model. Als Mitglied der X-Men und ehemaliges Versace-Model weiß James Marsden die Frauenwelt zu beeindrucken. Doch nicht nur sein attraktives Äußeres verhilft. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von James Marsden. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. James Paul Marsden ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Marsden begann seine Schauspielkarriere.

james marsden

Als Mitglied der X-Men und ehemaliges Versace-Model weiß James Marsden die Frauenwelt zu beeindrucken. Doch nicht nur sein attraktives Äußeres verhilft. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von James Marsden. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Alle Infos zu James Marsden, bekannt aus X-Men - Der Film und X-Men: Der letzte Widerstand: Der US-amerikanische Schauspieler James Marsden ist im.

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Retrieved November 7, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved May 3, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved February 20, Retrieved January 2, Retrieved March 20, Categories : births Male actors from Oklahoma Male actors of German descent American male film actors American crooners Male models from Oklahoma American male singers American male television actors American male voice actors Living people Oklahoma State University alumni People from Stillwater, Oklahoma 20th-century American male actors 21st-century American male actors 21st-century American singers 21st-century male singers.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Actor singer former model. Public Enemies. Campfire Tales. Interstate Episodes of the Road.

The Notebook. The 24th Day. X-Men: The Last Stand. The Box. Death at a Funeral. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. As Cool as I Am. The Butler.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. The Best of Me. The Loft. X-Men: Days of Future Past. Chad Westerfield as Jimmy Marsden.

Animated Stories from the Bible TV Series lyrics - 1 episode, music - 1 episode, performer - 1 episode, - Daniel Self - Guest.

Show all 9 episodes. Show all 6 episodes. Self - Special Guest. Show all 8 episodes. Self - Guest uncredited.

Arthur Wiknik. Arthur Wiknik voice. Self - Guest Appearance. Video documentary short Self. Making 'X2' Video documentary Self.

Steve Wood uncredited. Teddy Flood uncredited. Corny Collins. Kennedy - Movie Guide 2: Part 8 John F. Glenn Foy uncredited.

Related Videos. Official Sites: Official Twitter. Alternate Names: Jimmy Marsden. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: If you're an attractive guy, everyone thinks you're successful just because of the way you look.

However, the actor prefers to keep the boy away from limelight. Your email address will not be published. James Marsden siblings Jeffrey D.

Marsden brother born to same parents Date of Birth: July 24, Zodiac Sign: Leo Jeff, the eldest of four siblings, is a senior network administrator at ITSS Group, a company dealing with banking technology solutions and services.

Robert E. Emma Deigman girlfriend Duration of Relationship: since till present Date of Birth: September 19, Zodiac Sign: Virgo Emma, who is more famed under stage name Edei is a music artist and composer.

William Luca Costa-Marsden son with Rose Costa Date of Birth: December 14, Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Though William drew his first breath when his parents already separated, he gets attention from both mom, whom he lives with, and dad.

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InMarsden played Corny Collins in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Hairspraybased on the John Waters film of the same. View agent, publicist, legal and company continue reading details on IMDbPro. For the English thriller writer who used this pen name, see John Creasey. Best Artificial Forms of Life Posters. How much of James Marsden's work have you seen? Der 7bte Zwerg. Born 2 Die Spielfilm - Uhr. Michelle Monaghan Je ne regrette rien! Halle Berry. Fan werden! James Marsden Hauptrolle im "Sonic"-Film ergattert. Tatort: Fangschuss Serie - Uhr. Folgen Sie uns auf.

He then starred in the Canadian television series Boogies Diner , which aired for one season. He lost out to Edward Norton for a role in Primal Fear and turned down the lead role in 54 , which then went to Ryan Phillippe.

He also appeared in the television series Ally McBeal as one of the main cast members during the first half of season 5, where he also sang.

He also starred in a episode of " The Outer Limits ". Marsden was cast as Cyclops in the X-Men films. His character is prominent in the comics; his screen time in the films, however, is reduced in the sequels.

Marsden also appeared in Bryan Singer 's Superman Returns. Due to schedule conflicts, Marsden's screen time in X-Men: The Last Stand was reduced, stirring controversy from fans of the comics.

In , Marsden played Corny Collins in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Hairspray , based on the John Waters film of the same name.

He sang one song as a duet with Adams at the beginning of the film and a duet with Idina Menzel that was cut from the film.

Though the film was a moderate success, Marsden's performance was heavily praised. In , Marsden also played the male lead in the film The Box , based on the short story "Button, Button" by author Richard Matheson , which was earlier made into an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Marsden made an appearance on Modern Family in January , playing a squatter. The film received mixed reviews and ultimately ended up being a box office flop.

In and , Marsden appeared in a recurring role in the sixth and seventh seasons of 30 Rock , playing Criss Chros , the boyfriend and later husband of the series' main character Liz Lemon.

In , he co-starred with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in the action film 2 Guns , which debuted at number one in its weekend release.

The film, featuring an ensemble , opened at the top spot and received positive reviews. America as Phil Crane. The couple has two children: a son born on February 1, , Jack Holden, and a daughter, Mary James, born on August 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American actor. For the English thriller writer who used this pen name, see John Creasey. Stillwater, Oklahoma , U.

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Retrieved April 3, TV Guide. Retrieved October 24, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved November 4, His ancestry is mostly English and German, with some Scottish, and distant French.

He starred in two musicals in Hairspray and Enchanted Considered for the role of Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers If you're an attractive guy, everyone thinks you're successful just because of the way you look.

I hate that. If you're lucky enough to pick what you do, that's the greatest career you can have. Ultimately, that's my goal: to have choices.

If expectations are low, you can only impress people. But if expectations are there for you to be the leading guy, and you've been paid X amount of money, you're on a tightrope and all of a sudden you're looking down.

If it was up to me now, I would just stay on the up-and-coming list until I'm like On starting out in L.

Very slowly, the tiniest of snowballs snowballed from there. At some point, the snowball got to be a nice size, and I wanted it to stay that way.

That's sort of now. I don't want it to keep rolling. Or rather, I want it to keep rolling, but I don't want it to keep getting bigger.

My wife, kids and I still fly coach -- not first-class. I think I have a certain responsibility to let my children know I am not special because of what I do, but who I am as a person.

Early in your career, you feel like there is a formula, a path you have to take. You have to do this movie because this person directed it and you have to be associated with these people.

In some ways, I have thrown that out. I decided I should go after the roles I like, that I am inspired by and then if I am having a good time, chances are that people will like watching you.

Interview, November, I went to Twentieth Century Fox dressed from head to toe in high heels and a dress.

I just went for it. My wife dressed me - I thought I'd throw that in there. I would want to stay there and watch the numbers that I wasn't in.

I know it sounds cheesy but it was a real labor of love. I'm so stage-starved that it comes easily for me. I got along tremendously with the cast and with [director] Adam Shankman , who was certainly in his wheelhouse because he comes from something like 25 years of choreography and he was in his element.

We were all having fun because he was - and it was great to see John Travolta , Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken just go camp.

The movie's not all camp - they wanted to bring a real tone to it - but, obviously, it's colorful and has all those fireworks.

It rides on the spectacle. First of all, I think about what I just finished doing. When I finished Straw Dogs , I wanted to do something completely different.

This business has been really good to me, in that it has afforded me a lot of opportunities to do very, very different projects.

I did the "X-Men" movies, and I did Hairspray It's almost confusing for people. They're like, "Well, where do we put him?

What does he do? He's all over the place". Actors always talk about that balance in their careers. It's your livelihood. It's your job. You get a paycheck.

You're paying a mortgage. There's that component. And then, the other side of it is about your creative integrity, and the projects you really feel like you want to be a part of and that you feel like you can contribute to creatively.

I believe that, if you're lucky enough to let that captain the ship, then all the other stuff will come along with it.

Every movie I do, whether it's a little indie drama, if it's a big-budget action movie, or if it's a romantic comedy, I approach it as, "I want this to be the best of that, that there is.

It's a kid's movie. I'll just phone it in. Whatever scripts come to me, I read them and I look at the ones that I feel like I can see myself in.

You'll feel a spark. You'll be like, "All right, I see this guy. I get this guy. This guy makes me laugh. I know what to do. Please let me have this.

I'll kill this role. To me, that was the best role in the movie. I felt really confident about my ability to create that performance.

Those are the ones that I go after. And then, within that, I always try to change it up and go from a drama to a comedy to something else.

That just keeps it interesting for me. I didn't know what my calling was. I didn't know what I was here on earth to do. I didn't know what my passion was until I discovered the dramatic arts in junior high and high school and I realized, "Oh, I like this.

This is something I feel like I'm good at. I didn't want to go get a job or get a degree in business or marketing, or whatever all my friends were getting degrees in.

I also realized that it's a tough thing to make a career out of being an actor, but I thought, "You know what? I'm going to just make this happen.

I'm going to move to L. It was great. And, it happened, thank god. To this day, I really can't think of what I would be doing otherwise.

I wasn't going to do anything unless I was really passionate about it. I'm a little stubborn that way, actually.

It's hard enough to just be a good actor. When you're on set, there's everything going against you.

There are walkie-talkies going off, the camera is creaking and moving, there are boom mics, and you have to hit your mark and make sure you don't shadow the other person's face.

It's a really technical process. It's difficult because you're there to bring life to a scene and make it feel natural and normal, when all these other things are going on.

And then, you subtract a co-star from that, where you're actually talking to nobody and you're looking at little pieces of green tape I've never been more prepared, in my life.

I knew that I couldn't afford to not know my lines and not know where my mark was. I had to know all of Russell Brand 's lines and all of the blocking and choreography for "E.

The rabbit is not going to move around when you're doing the scene. There's nothing there. So, during the scene, I have to try to remember my lines and keep it natural, and also remember where the rabbit is going for each line.

Technically, it was difficult. Every film has got it's own challenges, but this was a technical process. We can act together! I really felt it.

Alle Infos zu James Marsden, bekannt aus X-Men - Der Film und X-Men: Der letzte Widerstand: Der US-amerikanische Schauspieler James Marsden ist im. mary james marsden.

James Marsden James Marsden ist bekannt für

Dead To Me - Rose leslie got 2. Fan werden! Harte Konkurrenz! Anchorman - Die Legende kehrt zurück. September im US-amerikanischen Stillwater Oklahoma geboren. James Marsden Hauptrolle im "Sonic"-Film ergattert. Raisin zdfneo agatha Upon a Time Frank Langella. Die Hochzeit unserer dicksten Freundin.

James Marsden Video

Run And Tell That james marsden Although the two are not related, they are actually good friends and their respective wives have been friends since they were six. Retrieved May 3, Stillwater, OklahomaU. He was among the actors who starred in all three of the X-Men movies. Though the film was a click here success, Marsden's performance was heavily praised. We can act together! For me as an actor, it sara kulka to play an extreme character like this with the costume and the sword and hair.

James Marsden Video

James Marsden Honestly Does Not Know What Is Happening On "Westworld" Family Man. Interstate Https:// Tales see more Geschichten vom Grabesrand. Dead to Me Zweite Staffel von Netflix bestätigt. Sonic The Hedgehog Westworld - Staffel 2. Folgen Sie uns auf. james marsden

James Marsden - Gast in Serien

Hawaii Five-0 Serie - Uhr. Johnny Depp. Liebe ohne Krankenschein. Bilder Steckbrief Biografie News Stargalerie. Johnny Depp. Born 2 Die Spielfilm - Uhr. Zac Efron Fahrrad-Tour endete fast tödlich. James Marsden see more am Der 7bte Zwerg. Dich kriegen read article auch noch. Dead To Me - Staffel 2. Hop - Osterhase oder Superstar. Teleshopping Nacht Nachrichten - Uhr. Clint Eastwood. Fan werden! Tracy Morgan. September Westworld - Staffel 2.

James Marsden - Familienstand

Ian McKellen. James Marsden. Danach folgten andere Fernsehserien, darunter Boogies Diner Ally McBeal - Staffel 5.

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