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Ein mysteriöser Außerirdischer in menschlicher Gestalt namens `Doktor' reist in seinem Raumschiff durch Zeit und Raum. Dabei erforscht er unterschiedliche Lebensformen, kann Ereignisse in der Vergangenheit beeinflussen und trifft auf kuriose. Die britische Schauspielerin Jodie Whittaker wird als erste Frau die Rolle des Science-Fiction-Serienhelden „Doctor Who“ übernehmen. Sein scheinbar lebloser Körper wird daraufhin in die Leichenhalle gebracht, in der die Regeneration einsetzt. Ausklappen. TARDIS. Nicht-kanonische Darsteller​. (Darsteller früherer Doktor-Inkarnationen) Begleiter. Bradley Walsh: Graham O'​Brien; Mandip Gill: Yasmin Khan; Tosin Cole: Ryan Sinclair. (Frühere Begleiter). Synchronisation. Doctor Who (nach der titelgebenden Frage [engl.] „Doktor wer?“​) ist eine britische. Doctor Who Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jodie Whittaker, Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith u.v.m.

dr who schauspieler

Die Hauptdarsteller in der Neuauflage von "Doctor Who" sind Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant, Matt Smith und Peter Carpaldi als der Doctor, sowie Billie. Paul McGann war entsprechend nicht der Achte, sondern der neunte Darsteller.​EditAlles klar, nach vollständiger Schauspieler. (Darsteller früherer Doktor-Inkarnationen) Begleiter. Bradley Walsh: Graham O'​Brien; Mandip Gill: Yasmin Khan; Tosin Cole: Ryan Sinclair. (Frühere Begleiter). Synchronisation. Doctor Who (nach der titelgebenden Frage [engl.] „Doktor wer?“​) ist eine britische. “ Der Schauspieler Christopher Eccleston spielte die Rolle von Der neunte Doctor in der Serie Doctor Who von Synchronsprecher von Christopher. Doctor Who Schauspieler/in. Kategorienseite. Beliebte Seiten. James Corden Jodie Whittaker Jenna Coleman Billie Piper Peter Capaldi David Tennant Jon. Paul McGann war entsprechend nicht der Achte, sondern der neunte Darsteller.​EditAlles klar, nach vollständiger Schauspieler. Darsteller. Christopher Eccleston – Bild: Company Pictures/BBC. Christopher Eccleston: Der Doktor (9). Staffel 1 · David Tennant. Die Hauptdarsteller in der Neuauflage von "Doctor Who" sind Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant, Matt Smith und Peter Carpaldi als der Doctor, sowie Billie.

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Doctor Who Cast: Before They Were Famous

Skaldak 5 Fans. Der Sternwanderer. Pearl Mackie. Bill 4 Fans. John Barrowman. Captain Jack Harkness 79 Fans.

Dan Starkey. Strax 0 Fans. Inside No. Burt Kwouk. Lin Futu 2 Fans. The Stratosphere Girl. Gerard Murphy. Richard Maynarde 0 Fans.

Batman Begins. Donald Sumpter. Tödliche Versprechen - Eastern Promises. James Ellis. Peter Warmsly 0 Fans. Der Re-Animator.

Bill Kerr. Giles Kent 0 Fans. Peter Pan. Adrienne Corri. Mena 1 Fan. Uhrwerk Orange. Beryl Reid. Briggs 0 Fans.

Smileys Leute - Agent in eigener Sache. Neil McCarthy. Hotel Ruanda. John Carson. Ambril 0 Fans. Doomsday - Tag der Rache.

John Harvey. Tom Adams. Commander Vorshak 1 Fan. Gesprengte Ketten. Kate O'Mara. The Rani 1 Fan. Barbara Murray. Lady Cranleigh 1 Fan.

Blockade in London. Angus Lennie. Lynda Bellingham. Der Doktor und das liebe Vieh. Nicholas Smith. Wells 0 Fans.

Barry Jackson. Ryans Tochter. Edward Burnham. Das Schreckenskabinett des Dr. Richard Davies. Burton 0 Fans. Fawlty Towers.

Zohra Segal. Kick It Like Beckham. Edward Highmore. Malkon 0 Fans. Robert Banks Stewart. Timothy Dalton. Diverse Rollen 75 Fans.

James Bond - Der Hauch des Todes. David Warner. Grisenko 21 Fans. Scream 2. John Hurt. Der Doctor Fans. Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt.

Liam Cunningham. Captain Zhukov 88 Fans. The Guard - Ein Ire sieht schwarz. Edna Dore. Maeve 0 Fans. Another Year.

David Bradley. Solomon 40 Fans. Ein Abenteuer in Raum und Zeit. Diana Rigg. Gillyflower 41 Fans. Nigel Terry. Cobb 3 Fans.

Ben Crompton. Ross 1 Fan. Game of Thrones. James Corden. One Chance - Einmal im Leben. Christina Cole.

Lilith 5 Fans. James Bond - Casino Royale. David Harewood. Joshua Naismith 9 Fans. Blood Diamond. Roger Lloyd-Pack.

John Lumic 5 Fans. Interview mit einem Vampir. Harry Lloyd. Baines 32 Fans. Die Entdeckung der Unendlichkeit.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Tish Jones 30 Fans. The Cloverfield Paradox. Chris Addison. Tom Hopper. Jeff 14 Fans. The Umbrella Academy.

Maisie Williams. Zawe Ashton. Journey Blue 4 Fans. The Master escapes, noting that he enjoyed the chance to cause further chaos, but his plan has been thwarted.

The story reveals that, at some point after Survival , the Master's Trakenite body is damaged when he attempts to take control of a psychic weapon trapped in the painting The Scream , which returns him to his walking corpse state once again.

He is presented using the alias Mr Seta, another anagram of Master. This is a result of an incident in their youth, where the Doctor killed a school bully who was trying to drown the Master; unable to cope with his guilt and grief, the child who would become the Doctor accepted a deal with Death personified as a woman to take away his pain, unaware that this would result in her erasing his memory of committing the crime and transferring it to the Master.

Temporarily restored to the person he would have been if Death had not marked him, the Master forgives the Doctor for this, understanding that the adult cannot be blamed for the actions of the child that did not foresee the consequences of his actions, but the end of the play implies that the Master will once again become Death's servant.

In this alternate version of events, the Third Doctor — now voiced by David Warner — does not arrive for his exile on Earth until and the Master has been trapped on the planet while a series of extraterrestrial disasters occurred over the decades without the Doctor's help to stop them.

The Master was set to appear in the television story The Hollows of Time , proposed for the show's 23rd season, but ultimately never produced.

When the story was adapted by Big Finish for their Lost Stories range, while Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant voiced their original roles as the Sixth Doctor and Peri , rights to the Master could not be obtained and Anthony Ainley had died , so the role of Professor Stream originally meant as the Master's alias—another anagram was played by David Garfield and left ambiguous as to his true identity, the story presented as a semi-flashback with the Doctor and Peri's memories distorted so that they cannot clearly recall certain key details.

To commemorate the Master's forty-fifth anniversary, Big Finish did a trilogy of audios featuring the Master in ; And You Will Obey Me pits the Fifth Doctor against the Beevers incarnation of the Master, seeking to regain his body after an unspecified attack left him seriously injured and hunted, [] and Vampire of the Mind pits the Sixth Doctor against the MacQueen incarnation of the Master, who is seeking to drain the neural energy of the Doctor and various Earth scientists to restore his own mind after some terrible accident.

This switch is part of a complex plan by the Cult of the Heretic, a cult dedicated to a Time Lord who sought to unmake the universe. The resulting paradox of the two Masters in each other's bodies, coupled with the fact that the Cult manipulated the MacQueen Master into attacking the Beevers incarnation- resulting in the crippled form witnessed in The Deadly Assassin - in the first place, is revealed to be causing the universe to collapse.

The Masters are able to restore themselves to their own bodies, steal the Doctor's TARDIS to trap him on a battlecruiser about to crash, and finish unmaking the universe before destroying the Cult, but the Doctor manages to track them using the Master's own TARDIS, which they left behind in the belief that the Doctor would be unable to find it before the cruiser was destroyed.

With the Cult eliminated, the Doctor uses the Masters' discarded weapons to immobilize the two Masters before using the Cult's equipment to rebuild the universe as it was, with his only changes being to send both Masters back to their original locations in time and space and save the life of a temporary companion whom the Master had killed.

In December , Derek Jacobi reprised his role as The Master, specifically as the "War Master", in the audio play The War Master , after having originally played the role in the episode " Utopia ".

When the First Doctor arrives on the planet, the Master tries to steal the Doctor's ship, but his plans fail, resulting in the Master being trapped in his laboratory- the remains of his TARDIS- which is now so low on power that he cannot even open the doors.

In May , it was announced that the fifth series of The Diary of River Song , focusing on the adventures of the Doctor's wife River Song , will pit River against four incarnations of the Master in various stories at different points in River's life, with Eric Roberts and Michelle Gomez making their Big Finish debuts as their incarnations of the Master, alongside Beevers and Jacobi's incarnations.

In the Eighth Doctor audio series Ravenous , which depicts the Eighth Doctor fighting both the insane Time Lord known as the Eleven and a race known as the Ravenous who essentially 'eat' Time Lord energy, the Master plays a key part in the final confrontation with the Ravenous.

In the penultimate episode, Planet of Dust , the Doctor and the Eleven discover the Burnt Master as ruler of a desert planet Parrak, with the Master being killed by the Ravenous after the Eleven helps them find an ancient Time Lord secret hidden on Parrak.

In the finale, Day of the Master , the Doctor and his companions Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair each meet a different incarnation of the Master; Liv is confronted by the War Master who poses as a Time Lord agent to get her help learning what the Eleven is up to, Helen is abducted from Parrak by Missy to help Missy translate a strange map, and the Doctor travels to the planet Kolstani, a mysterious world spoken of in legend that exists in the Time Vortex itself, where he encounters the Master- as portrayed by Eric Roberts- trying to trick the ancient Gallifreyan scientist Artron into giving him the reality-warping power of the native Kolstani.

The Doctor is able to help Artron trick the Master by transferring the Kolstani energy to Artron rather than the Master, but this transforms the Kolstani into the Ravenous as they turn to regenerative energy as a substitute for their lost power.

When the Eleven uses Artron's Matrix print- retrieved from his tomb on Parrak- to grant the entire universe the power to regenerate, making them all potential food sources for the Ravenous, the three Masters join forces to bring the still-living Artron to the present to allegedly make a deal with the Ravenous to spare the Masters from their feeding, but in reality the Doctor is able to help Artron realise that he can restore the Kolstani by sacrificing his own life and return their energy to them.

After the Masters undo the Eleven's work and remove the ability to regenerate from the rest of the universe, they kill the Eleven- causing him to regenerate into the Twelve- and then use the knowledge from Artron's Matrix print to return the Burnt Master to life and also restore his ability to regenerate, as part of a deal the War Master has made with the Time Lords of his era to retrieve Artron's knowledge for use in the Time War the audio also ends with the hint that the War Master and Missy will expel the Roberts Master into the Vortex after the crisis concludes so that he can go on to become the Burnt Master.

In a short story by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, "The Feast of the Stone", an android version of the Master is created by the Doctor as an ally—albeit a slightly sinister one.

Exactly why the Doctor created an android duplicate of the Master is not revealed, but it is suggested that the Doctor somehow extended the Master's life by doing so.

The story ends with him left in in possession of a human male's body. Martha Jones ' year long journey across a Master-controlled planet Earth is detailed in the short story collection The Story of Martha , which was released on 26 December In , an android version of the character resembling the Delgado version of the Master, and voiced by Derek Jacobi appeared in the animated webcast Scream of the Shalka.

This version's Master has some psychic abilities and attempts to hypnotise another character but is unable due to his powers being far weaker.

At one point he mentions that the Time Lord Council gave him a choice, permanent death or one last chance at life as the Doctor's assistant to make amends for all the harm he had caused the Doctor over the years.

The Doctor Who role-playing game published by FASA in has two modules outlining the Master's personal history, a timeline of his activities and an inventory of much of the equipment he has obtained during his travels.

Most notably, the modules identify the Meddling Monk as an alias the Master has used in his early attempts to alter the history of Earth.

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The Ultimate Foe. Planet of Fire. Freema Agyeman, plus Russell T Davies on the exciting series finale Radio Times.

The Mark of the Rani. Amazon media. Is the War Chief the Master? It would make a lot of sens. Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon. Doctor Who and the Sea Devils.

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David Bowie. Tariq Anwar. Doktor Fans. Batman Begins. Donna Noble 20 Fans. Lady Rtl now der. Giles Kent 0 Fans. Die am Nicht selten bedauert er Teile seines neuen Aussehens. Januar ; abgerufen am Sydney Newman. Rondel 0 Fans. Raymond Parks 0 Fans. Diesen Artikel versenden an. Donna Noble 20 Click the following article. Frauke Raiser. Liam Cunningham. The Outpost. Richard Wilson. Shaun of the Dead.

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Lasky 16 Fans. James Bond - Goldfinger. David Reynolds. Kind 0 Fans. Findet Nemo. Richard Wilson. Constantine 1 Fan. The Proposition - Tödliches Angebot.

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Der Sohn von Rambow. Jonny Lee Miller. Kinda Child 52 Fans. Dervla Kirwan. Miss Hartigan 1 Fan. Ondine - Das Mädchen aus dem Meer.

Michael Gough. Wer Gewalt sät. Harry Fowler. Harry 2 Fans. Prometheus - Dunkle Zeichen. Donald Hewlett. Bill Hunter. Philip Madoc.

Der Spion, der aus der Kälte kam. Caroline John. Liz Shaw 2 Fans. Mary Tamm. Romana 0 Fans. Dinah Sheridan. Mord im Spiegel.

George Baker. Login 1 Fan. Bernard Horsfall. Diverse Rollen 1 Fan. Peter Gilmore. Brazen 3 Fans. Tauchfahrt des Schreckens.

Richard Briers. Spencer Wilding. Skaldak 5 Fans. Der Sternwanderer. Pearl Mackie. Bill 4 Fans. John Barrowman.

Captain Jack Harkness 79 Fans. Dan Starkey. Strax 0 Fans. Inside No. Burt Kwouk. Lin Futu 2 Fans. The Stratosphere Girl. Gerard Murphy. Richard Maynarde 0 Fans.

Batman Begins. Donald Sumpter. Tödliche Versprechen - Eastern Promises. James Ellis. Peter Warmsly 0 Fans.

Der Re-Animator. Bill Kerr. Giles Kent 0 Fans. Peter Pan. Adrienne Corri. Mena 1 Fan. Uhrwerk Orange. Beryl Reid.

Briggs 0 Fans. Smileys Leute - Agent in eigener Sache. Neil McCarthy. Hotel Ruanda. John Carson. Ambril 0 Fans.

Doomsday - Tag der Rache. John Harvey. Tom Adams. Commander Vorshak 1 Fan. Gesprengte Ketten. Kate O'Mara. The Rani 1 Fan.

Barbara Murray. Lady Cranleigh 1 Fan. Blockade in London. Angus Lennie. Lynda Bellingham. Der Doktor und das liebe Vieh. Nicholas Smith.

Wells 0 Fans. Barry Jackson. Ryans Tochter. Edward Burnham. Das Schreckenskabinett des Dr. Richard Davies. Burton 0 Fans. Fawlty Towers. Zohra Segal.

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However, they soon run into Missy's past incarnation aboard the ship, where the Master John Simm has initiated the genesis of new Cybermen.

Trapped aboard the ship together, Missy finds her loyalties torn between her promise to the Doctor and the lure of her old self. After initially betraying the Doctor, she later chooses to stand alongside him against a Cyberman army, stabbing her past self and sending him back to his TARDIS to regenerate, concluding her life has led to her becoming the Doctor's ally.

Enraged at the idea of ever becoming the Doctor's ally, the Master shoots Missy with his laser screwdriver, ostensibly disabling her ability to regenerate and killing her.

During the events of " Spyfall " the Thirteenth Doctor seeks out an old ally, a former MI6 agent known as 'O' who is living in hiding in the Australian outback played by Sacha Dhawan.

In the closing minutes of the first part, O reveals himself as a new incarnation of The Master; having killed the real O on the way to his first day of work at MI6 and assumed his identity.

The Doctor foils his scheme, provoking the Kasaavin into taking the Master with them upon learning of his treacherous intent.

The Doctor later finds a recorded confession of the Master at Galifrey's ruins admitting to having destroyed their planet after he realized their entire identity and understanding of Time Lord history was a lie based on "the Timeless Child".

The Master is revealed to have escaped the Kasaavin realm when he appears at the end of " Ascension of the Cybermen ", after coming from Gallifrey , which has appeared in an unknown wormhole known as "The Boundary".

In " The Timeless Children ", the Master takes the Doctor into the ruins of Gallifrey and she asks why he destroyed it but he never responds.

However, he shows her the cause of his anger: a secret buried in the Matrix which shows that Time Lords did not develop regeneration as previously understood, but by harvesting the DNA of a very special child from an unknown universe or dimension who had that power; that child is the Doctor, who lived throughout Gallifrey's civilisation and had her memory wiped on at least one occasion.

He attempts to create an alliance with the Lone Cyberman, but ends up shrinking him and persuating the Cyberium to use his body as a host.

Then, he proceeds to create a new race of Cybermen with regenerating abilities from the dead Time Lord bodies.

The Doctor attempts to use the "Death Particle" to defeat the Master, something which will wipe out all organic life on a planet, but can't bring herself to do so.

However, one of her friends, Ko Sharmus, who blames himself for the whole situation, chooses to sacrifice himself instead.

The Master and the Doctor are shown to have similar levels of intelligence, and were classmates at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, where the Master outperformed the Doctor.

Delgado's portrayal of the Master was that of a suave and charming sociopathic individual, able to be polite and murderous at almost the same time.

His design is homage to the classic Svengali character: a black Nehru outfit with a beard and moustache.

Aspects of Simm's portrayal of the Master parallel Tennant's Doctor, primarily in his ability to make light of tense situations and his rather quirky and hyperactive personality.

According to the producers, this was done to make the Master more threatening to the Doctor by having him take one of his opponent's greatest strengths, [53] as well as making the parallels between the two characters more distinctive.

Michelle Gomez maintained Simm's portrayal of the character, specifically the psychopathic behavior and inappropriate emotional responses to certain situations, as well as the original traditions of ruthless, murderous behaviour and grandiose, Machiavellian criminal intelligence that have been consistent throughout all incarnations.

However, she also displayed a much more coquettish manner, with her new female identity allowing her to fully express aspects of the Master's ambiguous bond with the Doctor as previously explored by Simm's incarnation in "The Sound of Drums".

While determined to torment and corrupt the Doctor with moral temptation while inflicting pain and death to humanity, she frequently referred to him as her "boyfriend" or "friend" and appeared to ultimately desire his acquiescence and company.

She is also well aware that she is even more dangerously psychopathic than before, describing herself as "Bananas" to UNIT agent Osgood right before killing her " Death in Heaven ".

However, when circumstances result in Missy being kept in a vault and monitored by the Doctor after an averted execution, Missy actually comes to show signs of remorse for what she had done in the past, to the point that she prepares to side with the Doctor over her own past self " The Doctor Falls ".

Both the Doctor and the Master have been shown to be skilled hypnotists, although the Master's capacity to dominate — even by stare and voice alone — has been shown to be far more pronounced.

In many ways, we have the same mind. In "The End of Time" the Master uses a kind of psychic technique, previously used by the Doctor to read the minds of others, allowing the Doctor to hear the constant 'drumming' inside the Master's mind.

In the original Doctor Who series, the Master's TARDISes have had fully functioning chameleon circuits , having appeared as various things, including a horsebox , [9] a spaceship, [12] a fir tree , [58] a computer bank , [59] a grandfather clock , [7] [17] a fluted architectural column , [55] [56] [58] an iron maiden , [57] a fireplace , [55] a British Airways jet, [56] a cottage [60] and a triangular column.

However, Missy time travels via Vortex Manipulator in series 9. When he reveals himself to be the Master while on board a plane, he also reveals the barn to be his TARDIS with the console room hidden as it's flying next to them.

This is the first time since the show's revival that the Master's TARDIS interior is shown on screen and is noted to be the same size on the inside.

The Master's original weapon of choice through the original show's run was the "tissue compression eliminator", which shrinks its target to doll-like proportions, killing them in the process.

Its appearance is similar to that of the Doctor's tool, the sonic screwdriver. Despite his own fondness for the weapon, Russell T Davies decided against bringing it back for the Master's reappearance in " The Sound of Drums ", on the grounds that the Master had too many new "tricks" to use against the Doctor.

During the course of " The Sound of Drums ", the Master unveils a new handheld weapon: a laser screwdriver. The device functions as a powerful laser weapon, capable of killing with a single shot.

It also carries the ability to age victims rapidly using a miniaturized version of the genetic manipulator developed by Professor Lazarus " The Lazarus Experiment ".

The screwdriver itself also contains isomorphic technology , a biometric security feature which effectively disables use of the device by anyone other than the Master.

After being stabbed by Missy, the Master shoots her with the laser screwdriver at "full blast" which will prevent her regeneration and apparently kill her permanently.

It also contains a weapon that she uses to disintegrate Dr Chang, Osgood, and Seb. It allowed her to control airborne planes after she had frozen them in time, as well as simultaneously disintegrate several UNIT guards.

She uses it to defend against an attacking Cyberman. A more unusual feature, demonstrated in "Death in Heaven", allows her to travel through the air in a Mary Poppins -style fashion, but presumably only for short distances.

While not actually weapons, Missy also possessed a pair of vortex manipulators -- "cheap and nasty time travel"—which are linked to one another, which she used to transport herself and Clara Oswald to the Doctor's 'farewell party' in medieval Essex "The Magician's Apprentice".

They are destroyed in " The Witch's Familiar " when, to avoid being killed by Daleks , they channel energy from the Daleks' weapons to teleport them away, looking as if they were exterminated.

In the same episode, Missy says her brooch contains a Gallifreyan Dark Star alloy pin, given to her by The Doctor "when my daughter In "The Doctor Falls", Missy uses a small blade concealed in her sleeve to stab her own past self, triggering his off-screen regeneration.

In 'Spyfall', the Tissue Compression Eliminator returns as the Master, having regained his manic state, reveals he used it to steal the identity of an ally of the Doctor's.

He also used it to bring the Doctor to his mercy by threatening to use it on people in The actors who have played the role of the Master in the series and the dates of their first and last televised appearances in the role, are:.

Unlike the Doctor, the Master does not usually have companions. There have been times when he made exceptions, though in his case they are not so much "companions" as "tools".

In Castrovalva , the Doctor's companion Adric was abducted by the Master and forced to create a block transfer computation.

In the television movie , Chang Lee helps the Master because he has been duped into believing that the Doctor had stolen his body. When Lee begins to realise the truth behind the Master, his loyalty begins to falter, therefore the Master attempts to kill him without hesitation.

In " Utopia ", Chantho plays a similar companion role to the Professor Yana persona. Chantho states that she has been with him for 17 years as a "devoted assistant".

Later, when the Master persona resurfaces, he berates her for never freeing him from his confinement and the two fatally wound one another, resulting in Chantho's death and the Master's regeneration.

Lucy is aware of the nature of the Master's plans yet is still loyal to him. She has travelled with him to Utopia, the end of the universe, and thus believes "there's no point to anything.

Lucy comments, "I made my choice, for better or for worse. She shoots the Master at the climax of the story, killing him.

Having foreseen his return, Lucy threw a vial containing a chemical to disrupt the resurrection, killing herself in the resulting explosion while only succeeding in giving the Master a tentative life.

Although not a companion in the traditional sense, the Master allied himself with another evil renegade Time Lord, the Rani , in The Mark of the Rani to thwart the Doctor.

In the War Master audio series- looking at the Master's actions in the Time War, in the incarnation portrayed by Derek Jacobi- the Master briefly takes on a companion in the form of Cole Jarnish, who served as the Master's pilot when he was investigating events on a far planet caught in the Time War.

Cole joins the Master in the hope of making a difference in the conflict, but after his actions unwittingly turn a peaceful planet into a world of murderous conquerors, the Master reveals that his true agenda in bringing Cole with him was to turn Cole into a nexus of temporal energy, as the paradox of saving Cole from his original death and then manipulating him into changing history made him a nexus of temporal energies.

With Cole now a paradox who created another paradox, the Master sacrificed Cole so that he can use his temporal energies to take control of the Heavenly Paradigm, a natural nexus of temporal energies that allowed the Master to change numerous conflicts throughout the War, although the plan backfired as the Master overestimated his ability to control the Paradigm and made the War worse such as handing the Cruciform over to the Emperor Dalek.

The Master has featured in numerous Doctor Who spin-offs. One of the most notable of these other appearances is David A.

The Target Books novelisations give additional insight into the character. In addition, Dicks oversaw the editing of the majority of the range.

By Time Lords. They both became bored with this place. It was too peaceful for them, not enough happening One of them nowadays calls himself The Doctor.

The other says he is The Master". Well, the Doctor had done the best he could to stop it all. Hundreds of years ago, when we were both young Time Lords, we were inseparable.

After all, we had a lot in common. He and I are different. We wanted to get out into the Universe, to meet other species, to explore.

Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons , written by Dicks, gives further clarity to the history between the Doctor and the Master.

When the Time Lord played by David Garth in the original serial comes to warn the Doctor, he states "I've come to bring you a warning, an old friend of yours has arrived on Earth.

These days he calls himself The Master. If ever he were caught, his fate would be far worse than the Doctor's exile. Once captured by the Time Lords, the Master's life-stream would be thrown into reverse.

Not only would he no longer exist, he never would have existed. The Time Lord replies "I'm afraid so. He got away before it could be de-energised.

He had never really got used to his exile. The Time Lord replies "Don't be bitter Doctor, your punishment was comparatively light". The Master's past with the Doctor is explored somewhat in The Dark Path , which reveals that his name prior to taking the alias of the Master is Koschei , when he encounters the Second Doctor during their travels.

Although initially a somewhat anti-heroic version of the Doctor, willing to commit murder as a first option to save the day but generally still trying to do the right, Koschei turns to evil and becomes the Master after he discovers that his companion and lover, Ailla, is an undercover agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency sent to spy on him.

During the course of the novel, Ailla is shot and killed, with Koschei, not knowing that she is a Time Lord and will simply regenerate, completing a time-based weapon to benefit the anti-alien efforts of soldiers from Earth's Empire, in an attempt to bring her back.

The weapon is used to destroy the planet Teriliptus and its inhabitants, but when Ailla turns up alive, the knowledge that he has destroyed a planet for nothing, coupled with the revelation of Ailla's betrayal, proves too much.

Koschei resolves to bring his own order to the universe at the expense of free will and becoming its Master.

Thanks to the Doctor reprogramming his weapon, Koschei is trapped in a black hole at the end of the novel, with it being left uncertain how he will escape.

The Face of the Enemy centres around the Delgado-era Master, but includes a cameo by a Koschei from an alternate timeline specifically, the timeline the Third Doctor visited in Inferno who never became the Master.

He is subsequently captured and forced to work for the fascist rulers of this Earth, who keep him alive, in agony, using life support systems.

When the Master, crossing over from the other universe, learns of this, he ends his counterpart's life in a rare moment of compassion.

The eponymous genie spends much of the novel impersonating the Master, who is in fact controlling him: the real Master appears in the novel's epilogue, buying a Chinese takeaway.

The reason the Master is so emaciated when he appears in The Deadly Assassin is explored in John Peel 's novel Legacy of the Daleks , in which he attempts to capture the Doctor's granddaughter Susan Foreman , resulting in an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eighth Doctor when the Doctor receives a telepathic cry of distress from Susan and attempts to trace it back to before its origin.

After Susan escapes, the dying Master is eventually found by Chancellor Goth on the planet Tersurus, which leads directly into the events of The Deadly Assassin.

In this novel he poses as a Serbian businessman called Gospodar - prompting the Sixth Doctor to wonder if he's "running out of languages"- while attempting to subvert the power of the higher dimensions to turn himself into a god.

As the novel concludes, the Master briefly regresses back to his crippled and burned form while the Doctor absorbs more of the excess energy to delay the Quantum Archangel on her level, but the story ends with the Master having restored himself to physical health with a boost of the last dregs of higher-dimensional power although he is apparently subsequently attacked by a group of chronovores.

First Frontier shows the Master apparently the Ainley version finally acquiring a new body, [79] who according to McIntee is based on the cinema persona of Basil Rathbone [ citation needed ] , using nanites provided by the alien race known as the Tzun in exchange for his help in setting up their 'invasion' of Earth.

This incarnation reappears in Happy Endings by Paul Cornell , Virgin Publishing's celebratory fiftieth Virgin New Adventures novel, once again trying to restore his ability to regenerate, suggesting that the Tzun nanites failed to sustain him long-term.

After the broadcast of the television movie, some fans [ vague ] [ who? Prior to the end of the Virgin Missing Adventures series, the Delgado version of The Master appeared in the novel Who Killed Kennedy , depicting him setting up a complex plan to manipulate a journalist to bother UNIT by convincing him that they are part of a corrupt conspiracy, which, while published by Virgin, was not considered part of the Missing Adventures series.

Gallifrey and the Time Lords are destroyed in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Ancestor Cell , [82] but in The Adventuress of Henrietta Street a mysterious stranger wearing a rosette appears [83] who could have been the Master, [ citation needed ] somehow surviving the cataclysm.

In Lance Parkin 's The Gallifrey Chronicles , a surviving Time Lord named Marnal appears, and it is implied that he may have been the Master's father, as he mentions being visited by his Time Lord son in the 70s, which matches up with the Delgaldo Master.

The entity within the Eye refers to itself as an "echo", [ citation needed ] thus leaving scope for the real Master to be elsewhere.

Another version of the Master appears in The Infinity Doctors also by Parkin , where he is known as the Magistrate and is, once again, the Doctor's friend, although when this takes place in continuity is unclear.

During the Faction Paradox arc that runs through the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a character known as the War King is featured which is implied to be a future incarnation of the Master.

The Master plans to use a living entity to harness Arton Energy, only for the Doctor to thwart his plans.

The Master returns in a new body and guise, that of a street preacher, in the previously mentioned Doctor Who Magazine DWM comic strip story The Fallen , although the Doctor does not recognise him.

The Master had survived the events of the television movie by encountering a cosmic being named Esterath in the time vortex.

Esterath controls the Glory, the focal point of the Omniversal spectrum which underlies all existence. The Master's scheme to take control of the Glory fails, and he is banished to parts unknown see Kroton.

In Character Assassin in DWM , the Delgado Master visits the Land of Fiction and steals part of the technology behind it, wiping out several nineteenth century fictional villains as he goes.

In the IDW publication Prisoners of Time , a issue series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who , the Master drawn based on Ainley's portrayal plays a major part.

He is the villain in 6 and 7, meeting the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, attempting to trap the Sixth Doctor in an Auton -staffed asylum and encountering the Seventh as he attempts to drain the energy from a pair of higher-dimensional beings.

The Ainley Master is revealed to have teamed up with the Ninth Doctor 's disgraced ex-companion Adam Mitchell , who is travelling through time kidnapping the Doctor's companions as revenge, the Master having presented himself as another 'victim' of the Doctor rather than the villain he truly is.

His role in the plan culminates in an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eleventh Doctor after Adam abducts Clara Oswald , the Doctor noting that it has been a pleasantly long time since he saw this version of the Master.

However, when the Eleventh Doctor manages to summon his previous ten selves to Adam's fortress to rescue their companions when Adam threatens to kill them all, the Master reveals that his true plan is to channel his stolen chronal energies through the Doctors' combined TARDISes, thus destroying the Universe.

Horrified at the scale of the Master's evil and encouraged to take action by Rose and the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Adam stands up to the Master, sacrificing himself to disable the Master's equipment.

The Master escapes, noting that he enjoyed the chance to cause further chaos, but his plan has been thwarted.

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