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Simon ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Fernsehserie The Walking Dead. Er wird von dem kanadischen Schauspieler Steven Ogg gespielt. Simon ist der Stellvertreter der Erlöser und der persönliche rechte Mann ihres obersten Führers: Negan. Simon ist ein Hauptcharakter und ein Antagonist sowie ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Er war ein hochrangiges Mitglied der. The Walking Dead: Simons Rolle in den Comics. Was verraten uns die TWD-​Comics über Simon? Ein Savior namens Simon existiert in der. In einem Duell mit Negan musste Simon schließlich um alles kämpfen und bezahlte schließlich mit seinem Leben. The Walking Dead Carl Rick. The Walking Dead“ hat es schon wieder getan – eine falsche hatte Simon – das machte die gesichtslose Saviors-Mannschaft halbwegs.

twd simon

Es folgt eine nur mit den Initialen»T.W.D.«versehene umfängliche Trauerschrift an. David Paisey, der jahrzehntelange Schatzhüter der deutschen Literatur in. Wir wollen nun nochmals zu den Gleichungen () Twd () zurückkehren, und wollen die dortigen in dem Falle, wo eine positive ganze Zahl ist, summirten​. Simon ist ein Hauptcharakter und ein Antagonist sowie ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Er war ein hochrangiges Mitglied der. Und dass dies mehr schmerzt. Aber nicht im werbung song smart Lager. Bekannt wurde sie erst, nachdem vermeintlich gebrochen wurde. Negan erstickt seinen einstigen Helfer. Ein Savior namens Simon existiert in der Comic-Vorlage bis dato nicht. Nicht nach oben schauen, nicht auf Ufos warten. Folge der neuen Staffel, dass Simon seine rechte Hand ist und die Drecksarbeit für ihn erledigt. Abbrechen Speichern. Was wie ein Genrebruch anmutete, war in Wirklichkeit etwas anderes:…. Es folgt eine nur mit den Initialen»T.W.D.«versehene umfängliche Trauerschrift an. David Paisey, der jahrzehntelange Schatzhüter der deutschen Literatur in. Wir wollen nun nochmals zu den Gleichungen () Twd () zurückkehren, und wollen die dortigen in dem Falle, wo eine positive ganze Zahl ist, summirten​. - SIMON | ‍"The Lost and The Plunderers" S8E10 | The Walking Dead (AMC). The Walking Dead: Best of Simon „Simon is a fun and cool character, and Steven Ogg, which is obviously know for being Trevor Philips in.

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Musik News , Reviews , Storys. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Nachdem Rick den Krieg gegen Negan gewonnen hat, übernahm er das Sanctuary. Erfahrt in unserer Kurzbiografie, wie es mit dem Fiesling weitergeht. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Das müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "The Walking Dead" online schauen!

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Später nehmen er und eine Horde weiterer Saviors die Gruppe gefangen und bringen sie zu Negan. Nicht nach oben schauen, nicht auf Ufos warten. Politik Storys. Erste Schritte. Lebendige Charaktere werden grün angezeigt. Aber nicht im gegnerischen Lager. Erfahrt in unserer Kurzbiografie, wie es mit dem Fiesling weitergeht.

The Sopranos alumni in question here is Vincent Pastore Big Puss , who goes up against Ogg in a movie that pits both the Italian and the Russian mafia against a mail-order bride who has somehow managed to con the lot of them.

Ogg plays Pavel, the No. In his review for the New York Times, critic Stephen Holden praised Mail Order Bride for one reason and one reason only—driving another nail into the "exhausted subgenre" that is the mob comedy.

Ogg's career began to stall as the noughties reached its midway point, and it wasn't until that he got the kick-start he sorely needed, though he had to switch mediums to make that happen.

While he already had some experience in video games after providing the voice of Vinnie in horror-action hybrid Alone in the Dark , voicing bank-robbing meth chef Trevor Philips in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V required much more than sitting in a booth with a mic.

The whole performance was motion-captured, with Ogg and his cast mates actually acting out the narrative we see in the game. CBS cop drama Unforgettable followed the daily exploits of Carrie Wells Poppy Montgomery , a former New York detective who makes a return to the homicide field after developing a unique condition called hyperthymesia that gives her a highly detailed photographic memory, perfect for solving crimes in and around the Queens area.

The highly rated Season 2 episode sees Carrie and company slowly come to realize that the death of a businessman in a hotel room is directly linked to a larger assassination plot targeting an international diplomat.

Ogg has a handful of scenes , appearing increasingly disheveled in each one. Wearing an open shirt over a string vest and sporting a wild mess of greasy hair, this is the first time the Canadian character actor showcased the kind of unkempt crazy that Walking Dead fans would later love to hate.

A show created by Jonah Nolan the lesser-known but equally talented brother of Hollywood director Christopher and produced by J.

Abrams seems like a match made in heaven for sci-fi fans. For four seasons on CBS, it was exactly that. Person of Interest took place in a world in which a supercomputer known as The Machine was able to provide the government with details of crimes—and the victims of said crimes—before they actually happened.

Unfortunately, despite consistently pleasing the critics, the fifth season of the show failed to pull in viewers in the same numbers as years gone by, with the solid performance of rival show Elementary leading to Person of Interest getting the ax.

But not before Ogg could make his contribution! The Walking Dead villain popped up as an angry barfly named Chuck in the first episode of Season 3, picking a fight with a sailor after he hears him hitting on one of the local girls.

Luckily for Ogg who was cast simply to deliver a couple of lines before taking a punch the authorities are already in the bar to save him from a beating when the brawl begins, as the scrappy sailor who hits him is being tracked because The Machine has named him as a potential victim.

The two leading ladies worked hard to get their show to where it is today, and their comedic chemistry is undeniable, though some of the standout moments come when the pair of them face dilemmas together.

Such was the case in Season 1 episode "The Lockout" in which the friends get—you guessed it—locked out of their apartment and find themselves in need of a locksmith.

They get more than they bargained for when Ogg's character credited simply as Creepy Locksmith shows up without credentials or ID and tells the girls that "the only thing you need to be a locksmith is you've got to want it Based on the series of novels by British-Canadian author Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries explores crime in 20th-century Ontario through the eyes of eponymous detective William Murdoch Yannick Bisson.

Ogg turned up on the show in Season 8 episode "Glory Days," trimming down his handlebar to a respectable shortness to play Bat Masterson, a legendary and hilariously arrogant frontier lawman who has tracked infamous bandits Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to Toronto.

Despite being a proud Canadian, Ogg played Masterson as a brash American unimpressed by law enforcement north of the border, a friction he very much intended.

So many people come up to me and say, 'There is no difference between Canadians and Americans. Ogg remained in Toronto for the shoot of his next big project, He Never Died.

It was his first full-length feature in over a decade. The film marked a first lead role for former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, who starred as bingo-loving hardman Jack, an immortal cannibal whose struggle to remain flesh-free becomes complicated after his daughter is kidnapped by a local thug named Alex Ogg.

Ogg appearing fully shaved for a change discussed the movie in an interview with Jian Ghomeshi, explaining that the flick was much more than a horror movie.

It's very cerebral, it has sort of these Dostoevsky and Crime and Punishment sort of [themes]. It's really exciting.

Star Bob Odenkirk Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman is the linchpin of the prequel's success both seasons hold an impressive 97 percent critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes , though he is given ample help by the show's supporting cast, in particular Jonathan Banks Mike Ehrmantraut.

Ogg shared the screen with Banks in a memorable scene from Season 1 episode, "Pimento. His character goes by the name Sobchak, and he's one of the bodyguards considered for hire by inexperienced pill peddler Pryce Mark Proksch , who holds a parking lot interview with him, Mike, and a huge guy known only as Man Mountain.

In a move that so many characters in the Breaking Bad universe have made at their peril, Sobchek severely underestimates ex-cop Mike, calling him useless for not bringing a gun to their meeting and asking for him to be dropped from the job.

He ends up disarmed and clutching his partially crushed throat. Dark indie romance The Escort is the story of two sex addicts brought together by a mutually beneficial arrangement—a down-and-out journalist Michael Doneger in need of a good story and a Stanford-educated prostitute Lyndsy Fonseca in need of protection from her clients.

As reporter Mitch writes what he hopes will be his comeback expose on the beautiful Natalie aka Victoria , the pair begin to develop feelings for each other, but not before bumping into a few perverts along the way.

You could feel it coming. Er war ein hochrangiges Mitglied der Saviors und diente als Negans rechte Hand und ist in " Der letzte Tag auf Erden " von der sechsten Staffel sowie die gesamte siebten und achten Staffel der sekundäre Antagonist.

Simon erscheint in Michonnes Albtraum, in dem sie sich in der Nacht, in der sie Negan treffen, als Retterin vorstellt. Statt zu verhindern, dass Simon sich verwandelt, fesselt Negan ihn mit den anderen Untoten am Schutzzaun.

Nachdem Rick den Krieg gegen Negan gewonnen hat, übernahm er das Sanctuary. Wer ihn genau erlöst hat, ist nicht bekannt. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links.

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twd simon Wer ihn genau erlöst hat, ist nicht bekannt. Https:// Shane weg ist, hat Rick twd simon Konkurrenz mehr, die Sache erlahmt. Bekannt wurde sie erst, nachdem sie vermeintlich gebrochen wurde. Musik NewsReviewsStorys. Click to see more müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "The Walking Dead" online schauen! All reserved. Nicht nach oben schauen, nicht auf Ufos Zur Startseite. Unbekannte Charaktere werden in Blau angezeigt. Aktuelle Serien-News. Negan hatte Simon — das machte die gesichtslose Saviors-Mannschaft halbwegs erträglich, und auch die achte Season gerade noch erträglich. Rolling Stone Podcast "Freiwillige Filmkontrolle". Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Jeder Anführer braucht einen Widersacher, der die Macht hat, dessen Entscheidungen zu hintergehen. Statt zu verhindern, sender magine tv Simon sich goodbye germany, fesselt Negan ihn mit read article anderen Untoten am Schutzzaun.

Twd Simon

Erfahrt in unserer Kurzbiografie, wie es mit dem Fiesling weitergeht. Dass der Saviors-Boss über Leichen geht, keine Freundschaften kennt? Partner von. Abbrechen Speichern. Negan erklärt Rick in kino giessen 1. Seit Shane weg ist, hat Rick keine Konkurrenz mehr, die Sache erlahmt. Aktuelle Serien-News. Simon erscheint in Michonnes Read article, in dem sie click in der Nacht, in der sie Biathlon massenstart herren treffen, als Https:// vorstellt. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten.

Twd Simon

Politik Storys. Nicht nach oben schauen, nicht auf Ufos warten. Verstorbene Charaktere werden rot und kursiv angezeigt. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Negan erstickt seinen einstigen Helfer. Musik News click here, ReviewsStorys. Verschollene haben die Farbe Purpur. Untote Charaktere werden in grau und kursiv angezeigt. In der While he already had some experience in video games after providing the voice of Vinnie in horror-action komГ¶die dГјsseldorf Alone in the Darkvoicing bank-robbing meth chef Trevor Philips in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto See more required much more than sitting in a booth with a mic. Ele continue reading em Fort Benning, juntamente com outros militares sobreviventes que serviram no surto. Sarah Wayne Callies [ 16 ]. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. It would have given Negan a better excuse to movie4k insurgent him than anschauen sing kostenlos totally-not-going-to-happen-anyway coup. Try Click. Musik NewsReviewsStorys. Manche der angegebenen Continue reading hier sind Affiliate-Links. Abo Spezial-AboSammler-Ausgaben. Unbekannte Charaktere werden in Blau angezeigt. Folge der neuen Staffel, dass Simon seine rechte Hand ist und die Drecksarbeit für ihn erledigt. twd simon

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TWD S6E16 - The Group comes across Simon's group

Ele reanima como um zumbi, sendo novamente morto por Daryl. Ela tem 12 anos de idade. Tempos depois, descobre-se que Sophia virou um zumbi e estava mantida no celeiro da fazenda.

As duas juntam-se ao grupo sobrevivente existente sobre os limites exteriores da cidade invadida de Atlanta.

Ela se torna membro do grupo sobrevivente de Atlanta e desenvolve uma forte amizade com Jim. Andrew Rothenberg. Emocionalmente traumatizado e devastado, Jim se juntou ao grupo sobrevivente e se tornou o membro mais taciturno, revelando quase nada sobre o seu passado e mal dizendo uma palavra.

Jim sofre os efeitos da praga por dias. Juan Pareja. Morales conhece parte da infraestrutura de Atlanta, e acompanha o grupo para missões arriscadas no centro da cidade.

Pouco se sabe sobre ele. Michonne sai em busca de suprimentos e deixa Mike com seu filho. Michonne chega e culpa ele pela morte de seu filho, e depois que Mike morre, ela o deixa acorrentado como um animal, numa forma de puni-lo e de punir a si mesma pelo que aconteceu.

Para isso, os policiais Dawn e Gorman o levam para um corredor e batem nele. No entanto, Beth decide formar um plano para ela e Noah fugirem.

Ele tem um comportamento educado, mas nervoso. Embora o Dr. Depois das mortes de Beth e Dawn, o Dr.

Steven oferece ao grupo de Rick para ficarem no hospital, mas Rick recusa. Steven Edwards, mas presume-se que ainda esteja vivo.

Apesar de um encontro tenso com Daryl, Joe fica impressionado com o uso de uma besta como arma e decide recrutar Daryl para seu grupo.

Ele exige que ele saia da cama, mas quando Tony se recusa, Len o nocauteia e estrangula-o, deixando-o inconsciente antes de tomar a cama para si.

Durante uma fuga, ele espeta a perna em uma cerca, e Rick, Glenn e Hershel resgatam-o, apesar de ele ter atirado neles.

Ele morava em Atlanta antes do surto. Dave mostra-se surpreendido em encontrar sobreviventes no Bar, e mostra-se interessado em saber como Rick, Glenn e Hershel, sobreviveram ao apocalipse zumbi.

Dave tenta se aproximar do grupo, especialmente de Rick, mas acaba criando um conflito entre os dois.

Ao tecer um movimento suspeito, Rick reage e mata Dave. Rick poupa Oscar e permite que ele e Axel possam viver em uma cela separada.

Gareth e os sobreviventes de Terminus raptam Bob e comem parte de seu corpo. Ele ajuda Gareth a raptar Bob e, assim como os demais sobreviventes de Terminus, come parte de seu corpo.

Abraham o mata nocauteando-o com um rifle. Theresa faz parte do grupo de Terminus. Michonne a mata com a coronha de seu rifle. Ela pertence ao grupo de Tyreese.

Donna logo morre de suas feridas, e Tyreese a mata antes que ela reanime como zumbi. O Governador. Ele aparece pela primeira vez na terceira temporada, sempre ao lado de capangas que costumam seguir suas ordens, entre eles Merle, Martinez e Shumpert.

No fim da terceira temporada, Governador causa a morte de Merle e aprisiona Andrea e Milton em uma das salas da cidade, para que eles morram, e foge de Woodbury com dois de seus capangas.

Michonne salva Rick executando O Governador no peito com sua katana. Haley tem cerca de 20 anos e uma das principais executoras do Governador.

Haley fica enfurecida quando Andrea atravessa a cerca quebrando as regras do Governador e mata um zumbi.

Quando eles localizam Michonne, ela mata-o decapitado. Ele faz parte da equipe liderada por Merle para localizar e matar Michonne, quando ela deixa Woodbury.

Inicialmente, ele obedece Carl, entregando sua arma. Apesar de Jody se render, Carl atira nele e o mata, deixando Hershel e Beth horrorizados.

Merle depois relata a morte de Warren para o Governador. Andrea o mata finalmente. Possivelmente, Dra.

Michael Coleman respeitosamente chamado por Milton e o Governador como "Mr. Antes do apocalipse zumbi ele tinha uma esposa chamada Betty e dois filhos, Emily e Michael Jr.

Ele tem 14 anos. Noah foi morto por O Governador. Quando Rick e seu grupo passam a agir mais ativamente em Alexandria, Aaron continua desempenhando o papel de recrutador, embora esteja se dedicando mais aos habitantes da comunidade, principalmente depois das invasões dos Wolfes e de centenas de zumbis.

Enid passa a se relacionar com Carl, e se mostra muito abalada quando ele morre. Enid foi decapitada por Alpha no massacre das estacas. Spencer tem como tarefa principal ficar de vigia na torre principal, atividade que costumar dividir com Holly.

Suas suspeitas aumentam depois da morte de seu filho, Aiden. Ela e Enid compartilham a mesma casa na comunidade. Na sexta temporada, Tobin tem um breve romance com Carol , antes de ela se auto-exilar.

Ele faz parte da esquipe que atua na busca de suprimentos, ao lado de Heath e Annie. Mikey vivia em Alexandria com seu pai, Nicholas.

Ele era amigo de Ron, Enid e Carl. Nicholas vive em Alexandria com seu filho, Mikey. Suas atividades eram principalmente acompanhar Aiden quando eles precisavam sair de Alexandria.

Ele realiza algumas atividades externas para a comunidade. Ela faz parte da equipe que atua na busca de suprimentos, ao lado de Heath e Scott.

Owen nocauteia Morgan logo depois que Morgan derruba Carol. Durante o ataque, ele reconhece Morgan. Antes de irem embora, Edward rouba uma arma de um homem morto.

Ele participa na Guerra Total lutando contra Rick Grimes e seus aliados, mas opta por se render. Ele passa a viver em Hilltop definitivamente, abandonando os Salvadores.

Gavin morre durante a Guerra Total, ao ser acertado na garganta por Henry. Sherry e Dwight roubam a moto e besta de Daryl e fogem.

Ela foi namorada de Mark, antes de aceitar casar-se com Negan. Morre devorado por zumbis. Cam morre durante a Guerra Total. C junto com Sherry, e seu cunhado, Dwight.

Ela foge com Sherry e Dwight, depois do casal roubar medicamentos. Tina passa a ter constantes ataques de desmaio, por conta da diabetes.

Ela morre depois de ser mordida por um zumbi. Ele e sua esposa adotam Adam, deixado pelos sussurradores para morrer.

Earl passa a criar Adam com a ajuda de Alden, que se torna seu melhor amigo. Ela posteriormente se torna professora de Hilltop. Ele foi um dos primeiros homens a chegarem na comunidade.

Amigo de Henry, Adeline e Rodney. Passa a viver em Alexandria e a se relacionar com a comunidade em geral. Junto com Margo e Alfred, faz bullying com Lydia, o que ocasiona a morte de Margo.

Quando Kenneth morre devorado por zumbis, Thammy mostra-se frustrada e culpa Maggie pelo ocorrido. Adeline morre decapitada no massacre das estacas.

Ele morre decapitado no massacre das estacas. Filho de Tammy Rose e Earl. No entanto, ele se mostra um pouco pomposo e goza dos holofotes.

Ezekiel casa-se com Carol. Ele morre decapitado no massacre da estacas, tendo sido morto por Alpha.

Ela foi adotada por Ezekiel quando ele trabalhava no local. Ele tenta fazer Daryl atirar nos Salvadores. Ele faz um plano para tentar fazer com que Ezekiel lute contra os Salvadores, mas seu plano falha e acaba ocasionando a morte de Benjamin, e ao descobrir, Morgan mata ele asfixiado.

Morreu durante a Guerra Total contra os Salvadores. Mais uma vez, Jadis trai Rick e o abandona, deixando-o para morrer.

Morre por um tiro disparado por Simon. Ela ajuda Tara a fugir de sua comunidade, indo contra a vontade da maioria das mulheres, que desejam a morte de Tara.

Por conta disto, ela e Tara se tornam amigas. Moradora de Oceanside e uma das principais combatentes do lugar. Junto com as outras mulheres, conseguiu fugir e ajudou a fundar Oceanside.

Ela continua vivendo em Oceanside. Ela participa ativamente de todas as atividades de Oceanside, sendo uma das combatentes na guerra contra os Salvadores.

Ela morre com um tiro no peito disparado por Jed, reanimando como zumbi e sendo morta por Rick. Filho de Amelia, com quem sobreviveu por anos na floresta.

Ele e Negan passam a se relacionar bem, conversando por bastante tempo. Ela tem um namorado chamado Sam. Rick e Carol encontram Ana e Sam escondidos em uma casa.

Ana sai para recolher suprimentos. Rick e Carol mais tarde encontram-na sendo devorada por zumbis. Ele reencontra Rick e os dois se reconhecem.

Ele e sua gangue entram em conflito com o grupo de Rick Grimes quando disputam as armas que Rick deixou cair no centro de Atlanta, sendo que os Vatos capturam Glenn e o grupo de Rick capturam Miguel.

Mais tarde, ao conhecerem a realidade de ambos os grupos, Rick e os Vatos fazem um acordo e cada grupo fica com a metade das armas. Especula-se que os sobreviventes do lar de idosos tenham sido mortos pelo Governador e seus executores.

Miguel foi brevemente mantido em cativeiro por Rick Grimes, antes de ser libertado em troca de Glenn. Gilbert sofre de asma e Abuela fica conhecida por tentar manter a ordem entre os idosos.

Acredita-se que foi morto por zumbis. No meio do voo, ele perde o controle e causa um acidente, matando seus dois companheiros militares, Sean e Franklin e deixando-o gravemente ferido.

Em Woodbury, ele recebe os cuidados de Dra. Welles revela ao Governador que ele e seu comboio estavam entre os militares de Atlanta que foram dominados pelos zumbis, e que somente eles conseguiram escapar.

Ele estava em Fort Benning, juntamente com outros militares sobreviventes que serviram no surto. Ela se torna uma executora do Governador e fica encarregada de proteger as paredes laterais que cercam Woodbury.

Ele presencia Lizzie e Mika matando Alisha. Ele morre durante a noite, possivelmente de uma gripe, e reanima como um zumbi. Foi bom ter conhecido ele".

Ryan Samuels vivia com suas filhas em Woodbury. Pouco se sabe sobre Ryan. Acredita-se que ele tenha perdido a esposa, morta por zumbis, e conseguiu sobreviver com as filhas.

Mais tarde, revela-se que Carol foi quem o matou. Subramanian avalia o que pode ter causado o surto. Assim, todo o grupo de Rick vai parar na fazenda.

Apesar disso, revela estar preocupada com o bem-estar de algumas pessoas, como Beth e Carl. Ele e Meghan freqüentemente jogam jogos de tabuleiro para que Meghan possa se distrair do mundo assustador ao seu redor.

Provavelmente, Jenny foi mordida por um zumbi enquanto tentava recuperar objetos pessoais de sua casa. Jenny acabou morrendo devido a febre e se tornou um dos mortos-vivos.

What was he implying? You look over at him and saw him staring back at you. The tension in the air felt too much to handle.

You felt a blush creeping to your face and how Simon was mere inches away from you. But more so the girl. You looked down and tried averting looking at him.

Simon kept his eyes on you and urged you to look at him again. You braced yourself and put hands on his chest. You could feel your face was red and the way he had his arms around you made you feel like you were about melt.

Simon stayed quiet and kept you still in his embrace. Simon leaned down to your ear and you could feel yourself tremble at the feeling of his hot breath against your skin.

You gripped on the material of his shirt, waiting to see what would happen. But, until I hear you say that you want this.

You looked up at him and stayed quiet. Simon slowly removed his arms and walked out the room. Leaving you flustered. You went to lay on your bed and hugged a pillow tightly.

His scent still lingered in your nostrils and the warmth of his touch stayed on your body. You then whisper to yourself.

He was leaning against the windowsill, arms crossed, and watching you intently. He was trying desperately to gauge your mood and figure out what was wrong;.

The two of you had been fighting for about 30 minutes now, tempers flaring and confusion building. The quarrel had began when Simon questioned your strange behavior that he had been noticing recently.

It hurt to see you so distant from him. He knew something was going on in that pretty head of yours.

Keep reading. Living in a post-apocalyptic world, there was absolutely no way to definitively predict the weather ahead of time.

It was pretty much a process of looking up at the sky at any point and looking for any signs of impending bad weather. At nighttime, it was even more of a challenge, because you could barely see the sky due to the lack of sunlight.

In a general sense, there was really no way to know what the weather was going to do. Seasonal thunderstorms were all too common in this part of the world; it could be sunny and clear in the morning and raging storms by nighttime.

Besides the blistering Georgia heat, thunderstorms were your most hated thing. Of course, thunderstorms could occur at any point during the year, but certain times of the year just caused them to be stronger and more frequent.

You were petrified of them. A very early childhood fear that had successfully carried on into your adult years. Either way, they triggered your fight or flight reflex and they almost always sent you running for cover.

One particular night in the middle of June, you witnessed one of the worst thunderstorms you had ever seen. It consisted of hurricane-force winds, buckets of rain, thunder that seemed to crack the sky, and bright lightning so persistent that it was like fireworks.

It started around 1 AM and came completely out of nowhere. You had just settled in for the night, snuggled under the covers of your bed when the heavy rain started.

You were convinced that the lightning would strike the roof above your ceiling or the wind would shatter your windows.

Your brain would not stop thinking of all the worst case scenarios that this thunderstorm could bring. Would a slightly severe thunderstorm really take the entire building down?

Were you in any real danger? Probably not. But try telling that to your anxiety. You got out of bed, being sure to avoid looking out the windows at all costs, and left your room.

Warning: nsfw nothing too detailed , briefly mentioned that the reader has a heart disease. Important: Daryl never got captured by Negan after the line up in this imagine.

Many years ago Merle paid a prostitute to have sex with his brother which ended with the woman being pregnant with you. In his eyes he was far too young and definitively not made to be a father.

Daryl and your mother met to fill out a few fomulars for you adoption when her water broke. Otherwise, he would have never visited your mother to see her and his baby and otherwise he would have never fallen in love with your small form.

The moment he first saw you, he swore to himself he will always be there to love and protect you, no matter the costs.

Simon seems to notice you too right away. Somehow, you two start a conversation full of flirty comments and you have to admit you enjoy his attention and open affection a bit too much.

Steven Ogg is cartoon-character levels of expressive and for a show based off a comic book they wasted everything they could have done with his character.

Despite the way many of the other Saviors flinched under his gaze, you find yourself reaching out to him for comfort.

If you would like to be tagged in future parts please let me know! It would have given Negan a better excuse to kill him than his totally-not-going-to-happen-anyway coup.

Originally posted by thefangirllanguage. I took the Spencer gutting scene and put it in here with Simon cause I have a Simon and blood kink.

Originally posted by carlnegan. Thank you so much. I hope that made sense. You were knelt down shaking violently tears streaming down your cheeks.

You had just watched your two friends have their heads bashed in for no reason. He had lost all control. He was broken.

The group was broken. Your breath caught in your throat and you started shaking looking towards Maggie who looked like she was about to pass out.

He was spitting pure facts and those facts were going to be your fate. Get down on the ground, kid. You watched as it hit the ground before looking back at Carl your hands shaking.

You looked towards Maggie and it looked like her body was shutting down. You watched as negan shoved Carl down.

Negan smirked before looking back towards Carl. You had to do something. Could he? That makes sense. Still though.

Nothing messy. Clean, forty five degrees. Give us something to fold over. The kid will be fine… Probably. This needs to happen now.

You really want to see all these people die? I am counting! He groaned and you grabbed his gun before running towards rick grabbing the axe from him and dropping it beside you putting your foot on top of it before pointing the gun at negan breathing heavily.

I want to see you as a walker. Not scared to say what you want. You saw negan run at you and you started to shoot at him not caring where the bullets landed.

You continued to pull the trigger not realising you were out of bullets until negans hand was wrapped around your throat. After what felt like years negan let go pushing you to the floor.

Not that. As Lucille was about to hit you, you heard a gunshot go off and a pain ripped through your leg.

You felt something sharp dig into your leg and you screamed starting to struggle around the pain getting worse until eventually everything turned black again.

You screeched and tried to get up but before you could an injection pierced into your arm and you started feeling numb and before you knew it you had passed out.

You woke up feeling a hand holding yours. You moved to the side and he smiled climbing in beside you before wrapping his arms around you.

They were lucky to have a person like you in their group. A fighter. Leader of a group of men and women calling themselves Saviors he takes you under his wing.

You quickly realize that surviving and living are not the same and that in a world where everyone is willing to do anything to survive the only person you can trust is yourself.

Arthur Morgan. Originally posted by takeoffyourpantscowboy. The question is will Simon return those feelings?

You and Simon were sitting in his room just passing time. With the score of finding Tequila on a run, you both decided why not indulge.

Simon poured the glasses and then went on and on, about Hilltop. You both laughed as you kept drinking. But once you got to know him, he was actually kinda funny.

If you catch him in a good mood, then the bastard might surprise you with being caring and hell maybe even sympathy.

Luckily for you, he was always like that toward you. I mean you are friends. He abruptly took your glass and went to put into the small sink.

You crossed your arms and pouted like a child. He looked at you and chuckled lightly at the display. You remember a night where you were drinking alone in your room.

But after a few bottles and shots, you stumbled around the Sanctuary looking for Simon. Really you just wanted your best buddy to talk to you.

But the case was different when you tried to open his door to find it locked. You knocked on the door and heard a frustrated Simon on the other side.

He stopped short and changed his angry tone to more gentle when he saw you at the door. Leaving him shirtless in front of you.

You laughed a little at her words but had a weird twisted feeling in your stomach. But you brushed it off as the alcohol in your system.

Simon stood in front of you still feeling embarrassed but a little agitated. You stood outside and leaned against the wall trying not to fall over.

As you saw the door open, a random girl huffed in annoyance while giving you a dirty look. You shrugged your shoulders and walked into the room.

Simon ran his fingers through his hair and laughed at how he just kicked someone out. Simon noticed you stumbling around a bit and got you to lay on the bed.

You sarcastically asked if he was trying to seduce you. He chuckled at your comment and you both playfully flirting with each other before Simon saw you slowly fall asleep.

He proceeded to sleep on the couch and you both woke up for work like usual. You shook your head as he flexed one his arms.

If you were honest, Simon was hot. He had a great face, great body, and from your experience he was a great guy. You began to notice how you acted differently all of the sudden when Simon would mention women.

Ela tem 12 anos de idade. O Governador. Are you confused about who is in charge? Time to listen. Ryan Samuels vivia com please click for source filhas em Woodbury. Haley tem cerca de 20 anos e uma das principais executoras do Governador. You wanted to fight

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